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Hide-A-Bench Home.
Product Specifications.
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Hide-A-Bench® is marketed and manufactured by:


American Aluminum Seating, Inc.

3111 S. 8th St.

P.O. Box 1468

Marshalltown, IA 50158

Phone: 641-753-3764







Q: What if I need a bench length that is different from the standard sizes?

R: We can customize any length for you. The longest that we can go to is 21’.


Q: Do the benches come shipped assembled?

R: We ship the benches with the planks separated from the legs. Assembly is very straight forward, taking less than an hour average per bench to assemble and attach to the wall. We supply the necessary hardware to attach the legs, but due to the variances in wall material we cannot supply the mounting hardware.


Q: How long does it take to receive my bench once I have placed the order?

R: This will depend on the number of units ordered as well as where they are being shipped. Our manufacturing and distribution is located in Marshalltown, Iowa. Typical turn around time should be between 10-14 days for standard benches.


Q: Can I get a Hide-A-Bench® with more than two rows?

R: No. Adding an additional row requires that you operate under the guidelines of a bleacher and would disallow having them fold within 6” of the wall.


Q: Are the benches portable?

R: The benches are designed to be permanently mounted. This is required for the benches to be stable enough to operate correctly.


Q: Can they be installed outdoors or in an enclosed pool area?

R: Yes, as long as there is a wall of least 30” in height to which the benches can mount. The Hide-A-Bench® is constructed completely of anodized aluminum along with stainless steel hardware reducing the possibility of any corrosion taking place. We have found the single tier units to be especially accommodating around pools. Salt air sometimes corrodes aluminum over time.


Q: How is my Hide-A-Bench® shipped?

R: We ship all benches LTL freight. Depending on quantity and length, normally a forklift is needed to unload the entire bundle from the truck. Bundles can be broken and units removed in parts.


Q: How can I buy a Hide-A-Bench®?

R: If you were directed to this site by a dealer of Hide-A-Bench®, we urge you to complete your ordering process through that dealer. They are there to assist you. Otherwise, please contact us at American Aluminum Seating, Inc.